Rocket Science Banjo!

              THE FREE


                              FUN WAY

               To Clawhammer Mastery

If you are new to clawhammer banjo or are an intermediate to advanced player looking to improve your knowledge or technique, then you have found just what the banjo doctor ordered. Rocket Science Banjo will whisk you and your banjo off to the magical, mystical (yet scientific and carefully researched) world of old time clawhammer banjo. Come on in and bring your banjo ambitions to fruition.

Rocket Science Banjo is yours - Free, - Gratis, no charge, pro bono, on the house, my compliments, no money down, no payments, and no shipping or handling charges. You don’t even leave any personal information to get Rocket Science Banjo. You just download it, and have fun. Of course I do most gladly accept any donations – They go into improvements for the book. Sustaining contributors ($20 and up) are showered with new tabs (160 and counting) and can even request new tabs not currently in the list. For the details, see The Pitch.

Although RSB is free, it is still a fully copyrighted work under a creative commons license. Which means, you are free to use the text, and exercises to improve you playing. You can also play tunes from RSB in any venue – Every tune in the book is in public domain.

I do request that you do not republish the book, or any portions of the book, without express written permission from me – the author. Banjo teachers are free to use RSB materials for teaching, but I prefer that your students download the work directly from the RSB website. If you download it from here you are guaranteed a clean copy of the work in its most current state. Check back here occasionally for updates and check my blog ROCKET SCIENCE BANJO NEWS regularly.

Remember that RSB itself is free, completely free, and always will be free. Whether you contribute or not, you are free to use Rocket Science Banjo, now and as long as this website exists.