The current, free edition of RSB will be available on the web for as long as I can maintain it but those downloads do not and can not hold ALL of the book and all of the tabs.

I was planning a DVD with all the stuff on it, including a final edition of the book but it seems like the era of the DVD is fast coming to a close. I’ve decided the goal should be a password protected website that keeps the LATEST RSB material available.

Since I’m no longer thinking of a physical edition I’ve also decided to make the final pricing reflect that. The DVD was going to be $39.95 plus 5.00 for shipping and handling. Everyone currently subscribed to the Big Tabonanza is of course, fully paid up and will continue to receive updates (and there are some big ones coming up) for life (my life actually – I can’t update anything after that ends).

For those not yet enrolled in the RSB project the full price of the cyber edition will be $29.95 – everything sells for $29.95 – Right?

Not everything is done yet but there are 200 tabs of mostly Old Time tunes now and I will be adding in the “Unincorporated” Rocket Science Banjo Chapters – perhaps I’ll bring back the old name “Brain Surgery Banjo” for them. I will be adding text chapters all summer and hope to start adding big groups of OT Music in the fall – Including: Audio files of banjo, banjo/fiddle duos, trios etc. New RSB videos describing even more techniques. Drawings and diagrams of advanced techniques. Perhaps even some “rollover” animations eventually. There will be live links to useful YouTube pages etc embedded in the book. And of course I will continue to add tunes to the Tabonanza.

While I’m anticipating orders to top out at roughly $1,000,000 per annum, I would actually settle for lifetime sales of a few hundred - or a couple dozen. It really doesn’t matter how many I sell – I want to do this even if I can’t sell any. Actually I have sold over one hundred subscriptions so far and I suspect banjo students will continue to find the Tabs, Scales and RSB’s continuing Advice on everything from basic strokes to Jamming (whatever That is) worthwhile even after I’m no longer here.

While I would like to finance this myself and make all the stuff “free”, I simply cannot. I have to pay back my debts on it and pay forward the eventual Password protected website I will need.

RSB is already free, so what can I possibly offer as an incentive to contribute to the project. I don’t have any ROCKET SCIENCE BANJO tote bags or tee shirts, not even RSB cup holders or mouse pads. Basically I got bupkis, zilch, nothing to encourage your contributions.

I’m only one little guy, living on social security, (cue violins) and the pittance I make washing windshields down on 33rd and 3rd.. I can never complete my grand dream without venture funding (that’s corporate-speak for cash money).

The download version of RSB is and will remain free to all, but in order to make improvements and clean it up, make it easier to use, and do all the things, big and small, that will make it into a professional – I need your money.

I will admit, it is a bit of a flyer for you. I could drop dead without finishing another tab or chapter. I am 67 now, with little hope of getting any younger. But with more than 200 tabs of about 100 tunes ready today (40 of those tabs are available Free in the download of RSB) if you choose to contribute, you will have those tabs forever even if I kick off tomorrow. Every tab is fully notated and MIDI compatible. They will never be available as free downloads – only contributors to the Project will get them.

Within a week you who are contributors will also be receiving some other RSB related writings too. Like the Jamming Chapter, and others.

Any contribution is, of course, gratefully accepted. If you don’t want more but feel you got a lot from reading RSB, by all means shoot me some loot, but contribution of only $29.95 will make you a sustaining contributor and a permanent member of the Tabonanza community. You will receive ALL additions to the Tabonanza and ALL the updates and add-ons to Rocket Science Banjo plus occasional other projects You could even choose to contribute more, of course, (I know Warren Buffet plays Ukulele – perhaps you could talk him into trying clawhammer and financing the entire project).

Besides financing the RSB project, you will also gain input into the future direction of THE BIG Tabonanza ---- Yeah baby, I take requests. If you request a tune, I will endeavour to tab it ---- within limits. I have no knowledge of Kyzrzky yak-milking music and basically can’t tab anything too far beyond my own current or one-time abilities. Furthermore, I do not tab copyrighted music as that is against the law, but anything in the public domain is fair game.

Every tab I write has full playing notes just like (and mostly better than) the tabs in RSB – which were early versions. If you email saying you don’t understand a figure or even a whole tab, I will help you get it up and running. The solution we work out to your problem might end up in the notes on the tune later since the whole project is always “live”.

You will also immediately receive the first 160 of those tabs, via return email, and updates as they become available. Talk about a deal – This IS a Deal!

Use the convenient paypal button on your right or if you prefer to use a check, email me and I will send you my street address.

So join The Rocket Science Banjo Community Today!

Keep me out of debtor’s prison.